Edible is Incredible with brides!

Allyson, our wedding consultant and coordinator says : ” I often get asked by brides “What is the best  wedding favor?” “What is popular now?”

I have seen a lot of different favors over the years.  I have seen what makes a hit  and what doesn’t work at all.

Here is my advice on wedding favors: go edible!

Brides have used wine stoppers, coasters,  and magnets.  All sorts of things that get left behind at the venue or people take them home and will never use them (or they will use them  once out of guilt and then throw it away).

Edible is where it’s at and where the trend is taking the bridal world! Some of my favorites are tiny jars of home-made jam, honey, caramel apples, chocolate covered pretzels, Italian wedding cookies and customized M & M’s!

Guests of all ages just LOVE these treats  and literally “eat them up”!

Try an artisan honey, or a farm stand jam.. Something unique and maybe from an area where you and your groom visited or where you met?

Post your questions on Facebook and I will try and answer you!


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