Grandma wants to bake my wedding cake?

We are so supportive of baking we have a whole page devoted to Baking Love!

Nothing expresses love more than slaving over a digital scale and a hot oven!  But a wedding cake is unique. You have transportation issues, temperature changes, decorations that get jostled, not to mention HIGH expectations from this humble creation.  That’s just the logistical.  How about the fiscal?

Let’s say your venue has a cake-cutting fee and your Gramma who is an excellent baker,  wants to make your wedding cake?    You know it will cost you $400 at the venue just to serve it due to the cake cutting charge.

You are torn!  You love that she wants to do something nice ,   but on the other hand, that extra expense is,  well, an extra expense. What do you do?!

I will tell you – let her make  for you  the most edible wedding favors! You will be happy that those are getting taken care of and even happier when you see how amazing they look!  And Gramma will be thrilled knowing each guest saw first hand her skills and her love for her beautiful granddaughter !

Let me know what you think about wedding favors? Are they are top shelf or waste basket?

For more tips and tricks, stay tuned to next month’s discussion topic: Naked or No? Wedding Cakes Unveiled!


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