Sassy New Cocktails Chillllllin’ For You!

Our certified Sommelier Brian, has been messing with the mix at the bar too!  Here’s what’s coming!


Introducing our Ginger Manhattan!

This luscious libation is carefully crafted from Makers Mark Kentucky Bourbon, ( think Raylan Givens) Canton Ginger Liqueur, Antica Formula Sweet Vermouth a Dash of Peychaud’s Bitters.  We then  finish it  off with a Rim of Gingered Sugar.  We go all over to find the most au courant ingredients and this sugar  has that wonderful spicy kick that you get on the palate when you have  fresh raw ginger.  Never cloying or overly sweet.    This is a sexy drink that is as beautiful as it is satisfying.


Apple Martinis are nothing new until and unless you find a product like Salted Caramel Sugar.  WHHHAAAT?? Coming soon:

A new twist on the Apple Martini, with this lovely little sugar that is so aromatic and flavorful it doesn’t take much tweaking to the drink to hit sensational new heights!  This little number is perfect for the  ladies and is poured with Pearl Caramel Vodka, DeKuyper Apple Pucker Schnapps,  a dash of Sweet and Sour and superbly complemented with our recent exotic discovery, Salted Caramel Sugar.  Watch for this one!


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