Spring Wedding Thoughts

We are always so curious. “What do other people do?” “What have you seen that works?”  “What amazing thing can I do?”

Our own dear wedding coordinator Allyson gets peppered with this type of question daily.

She likes to point out the focus should be on what you can do rather than what has been done. And in particular, what can be done to make the wedding unique to the couple and connect to the guest emotionally.

I love collaborating with couples on making their wedding day not only one that they will always remember but one that they can look back on and say “I cannot believe no one has done that yet!”. Most weddings the same elements: ceremony, food, drinks, flowers, favors and toasts. I believe its how you go about the elements that make it unique!

One wedding I have coming up in October wants to create a “Sleeping Beauty” feel to Shadowbrook with tulle, glitter votives and using pinks and blues! To help her along, I send her all kinds of things I see on Pinterest and I comb other wedding websites that will not only work with her theme but work with Shadowbrook as a venue.

The New York Times said recently, ”

Many women and men are rejecting the textbook wedding. The event is still grand and festive, but it tends to be infused with quirks and personal style. Brides are floating down the aisle in scarlet wedding dresses or in gowns that are decidedly low-cut and sleeveless, and as form-fitting as a mermaid’s tail. Their bridesmaids may be done up in black velvet. Then again, the ”bridesmaids” may be men; the ”groomsmen” may be women. Instead of Cole Porter tunes, the music may be reggae, mariachi or zydeco.

This bending of the rules sets etiquette experts on edge. ”To have the bridesmaids flouncing down the aisle in black dresses is a travesty of taste,” says Letitia Baldrige. ”A bride is a bride the first time around. The white dress and the white veil are symbolic. So many people are breaking the rules that people don’t know what the rules are.”

For many of these independent thinkers, the issue is not breaking the rules but following their instincts. Doris Bobik wore a red taffeta dress to her wedding without a thought about protocol. ”I didn’t feel like a rebel,” she says. ”Things with me are a little out of the ordinary. I’m not the white or ivory bride.”

Whichever bride you are, either pink and blue Sleeping Beauty style, or the traditional ivory bride, or something in between, we are here to make your special day your truly personal expression of your vision!


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