The Rules of Squash

Not with racket and a court, but the rules of heirloom squash.  There are so many beautiful varieties now.

Late summer is a delicious time to incorporate them into your routine.  Here are some of our favorites.

Mayan Squash are those plump little orange size round squash you see around. They are delicious steamed with a sprinkle of good Parmesan cheese.  Sunburst Squash, often called Patty Pan, has a  flat shape and fluted edges,  and comes in every shade of yellow and green.  They are mild and wonderful quartered and braised with roasted garlic, some Marcona almonds, and a shaving of carmelized onions.

One good trick with squash is to cut and salt them before cooking.. Squash are 80% ( just a guess) water and salting them releases much of the water and concentrates the flavors and improves the texture.  If you have time. But they are just as nice roasted, braised, steamed, or even cut into strands with a spiral cutting tool..Great replacement for pasta!

Enjoy the end of summer and all the  bounty there is!


One Comment on “The Rules of Squash

  1. I forgot to mention that it’s just artificial turf and plants

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