Baking Love is Good

Baking is such a primal thing. And such humble beginnings. Flour, baking soda, butter, eggs, yeast, and some exotic things, like chocolate, vanilla, spices, sugars, fruits, nuts, honey, oils.

Who hasn’t yearned for a buttery, tender, gooey sweet cinnamon roll? Have you dreamed of the perfect chocolate cake? Savored a baklava bite? Wolfed down a crispy, warm cookie right from the oven?

We at Shadowbrook want to preserve the love that goes into baking. It’s not easy to bake. It’s more science and baking is less forgiving. Lots of details, and timing and temperatures. More gadgets. Lots of bowls. A good oven that is trustworthy.

BUT, who doesn’t feel warm and special when someone brings them something they baked with love, something planned and personal? There is no other way to bake than with love and intention.

So, we are launching a yearlong campaign to encourage you to get busy baking love. We will nudge you, give you ideas, ask you to think about WHO inspires you to bake for them and why. And we would love you to share your stories.

What did you bake, why and for whom? We love stories about love and food.

Check back often, as our pastry Chef Robyn will give you some tips on cupcakes, cookies, buttercream and more! She will answer questions posted on Facebook, too.

We will keep offering you encouragement and by the end of the year you will be a pro at your chosen baked good. And you will have spread some love.

Bakers, start your mixers! And check under Trending Foods for hints, tips and recipes!

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